3d model editor

by Buildmodeone

Version: 1.4 Halloween Update

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How to install:

This video shows you how to use and install the data pack!

How to start:

When the datapack is installed, please run the /reload command, to avoid bugs. Then type in /trigger 3d-Items to get everything to have fun!

3d Editor


35x 3D Models (in Version 1.3 Snapshot)

In the current version, there are 35 models available! Some models have a variant, for example, a filled and empty version of a glass.


Placeable on a 3×3 grid 

When you use this System, you can place up to 9 models on each Minecraft Block!


Change the rotation of each model 

You can rotate each model in 5-degree steps!

3d Editor

Change block types

If you want to place a 3d Model on a carpet, for example, the height gets rearranged!

3d Editor